Business and Cultural Intelligence

It may come to a surprise to many, but having lived in Russia I can assure you that business is conducted differently in Russia. What does a contract really mean? How difficult is it to deal with the government? How do I deal with my clients? How will they deal with me? These are important questions to ask.

J. Edward Salzer Consulting has developed an extensive network and can give you answers specific to your venture.  We can assist you with locating allies on the ground in Russia, Eastern Europe and beyond.

Marketing Translation Services

There are no shortages of firms that can translate your document from English to Russian. However the difference between a simple translation and a marketing translation are significant and can very likely mean the difference between success and failure.

What is a marketing translation?

Simply put a marketing translation is your copy taken from English and translated into Russian where the meaning stays intact. A normal translation is simple the translation of a word from English to Russian language. This means any idioms used in everyday speech or catch phrases that are used in English are simply translated to Russian where the meaning could be lost on your audience. With a marketing translation from J. Edward Salzer Consulting your document is translated in a 4 step process to ensure that what your client reads is intuitive and is culturally adjusted to their language. Here are the steps of a Marketing translation from English to Russian:

Parallel Translation occurs by two native Russian speakers, one of which will be based in the United States, the other in Russia.

A review of the differences between the translations occurs and are discussed to settle on a final literal translation.

Awkward language and confusing idioms are replaced with pertinent Russian phrases or words that give the same implied meaning.

A reverse translation occurs to ensure that Russian to English reflects the same meaning. Why use a Marketing Translation? Odds are you are spending tens of thousands of dollars to do business or acquire clients in Russia. You have enough hurdles to jump over so you don’t want your marketing materials creating confusion or ambiguity.

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