J. Edward Salzer Consulting was founded in 1998 by Jeffrey E. Salzer to perform political consulting services for a gubernatorial candidate. Since then we’ve expanded our services to include business and marketing consulting services to a variety of businesses across the spectrum of industry. In 2006 we began working with international businesses in the Russian Federation.

Our Mission

The Mission of J. Edward Salzer Consulting is to provide our clients with effective and concise consulting services and execution of those services in a way that is efficient and produces results. This is accomplished through the development of personal relationships and a clear understanding of our client’s needs and position in the market.

Our Vision

The Vision of J. Edward Salzer Consulting is to allow businesses without a full-time marketing department or a staff of MBA’s to have access to that level of advice, planning and execution one project at a time.

Our Values

People are at the core of all businesses, as such, we don’t deal with companies; rather the people that make them work. In developing those relationships we value:

Don’t know is a valid answer, and always more appropriate than presenting something we’re not convinced of as a sure thing.

Who doesn’t value it? We look for new ways to do and present things, but never at the detriment of proven techniques. Our client’s money isn’t for experimentation it is for results.

If we say we’re going to do it, we’re not going to shift responsibility to another if it doesn’t happen. We own our work, we own our advice and through that we aim to own are position with our clients.

We take what we do seriously, but not ourselves. Laughter is encouraged in the workplace.

We are not the firm for all people. We’re in the business of building relationships that work. Our clients are selective and so are we. We’re looking for long-term relationships… not a one “project” stand.

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About Jeffrey Salzer

Jeffrey Salzer is a veteran of the United States Army and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in International Business from St. Bonaventure University. He holds an MBA from the University of Buffalo’s Executive MBA Program. He has worked in the field of marketing and political / public relations for over 14 years. Jeffrey speaks conversational Spanish and some Russian. He spent 15 months in Vologda Russia developing business ties. His hobbies include travel, scuba diving and photography.